What to avoid when repurposing your elearning content

Altering your current internet preparing content is a savvy approach to redesign your web based preparing materials. Shockingly, it’s not as straightforward as redoing the shading plan or breaking online classes into scaled down recordings. This article includes some repurposing traps to evade.

Repurposing eLearning Content: 8 entanglements to stay away from

Repurposing is a helpful procedure for tidying up obsolete eLearning content at no additional expense. It requires some investment however, time that you detract from other work exercises. Furthermore, since consistently can be assessed on a pay premise, at that point that time costs cash. All things considered, you invest less energy and less cash than purchasing another web based instructional class inside and out or creating internet preparing assets without any preparation.

Anyway, what’s the most ideal approach to reuse your eLearning content without investing an excessive amount of energy or cash? All the more critically what missteps would it be a good idea for you to evade while repurposing eLearning substance to pass the quality check and keep your students locked in?

1. Try not to encroach copyright

In the event that the underlying eLearning content was created in-house, at that point you expect the rights to remember. What’s more, if the group that built up your internet preparing material has left, you can even now remember them for the ‘credits’. It’s neighborly and expert, you would prefer not to sever corporate ties. Furthermore, everybody needs to be recognized for their work.

The equivalent applies in case you’re repurposing eLearning content that is outside. Be extra mindful so as to keep away from counterfeiting or any appearance of it. Some internet preparing assets require a notice of the first source or potentially a connection back to their webpage.

2. Remember to survey

Take a gander at your present web based preparing substance and gap it into classifications dependent on aptitude holes, preparing targets, and learning inclinations. Be certain you have a diagram of all current internet preparing material prior to repurposing eLearning content.

At that point, alter materials to be brief, logical, and lined up with your association. Keep away from data over-burden. As you survey internet preparing content, begin to confine it to effectively accessible organizations. This will be useful for later phases of web based preparing content turn of events.

3. Try not to avoid the framework

Since all the material is spread out and arranged, make a list of chapters. Plan it from a student confronting point of view, moving toward it like they would. This may include adjusting the request for sections. Use eLearning storyboards, timetables, and representations. On the off chance that conceivable, make a physical, disconnected portrayal with patterns. This makes it simpler to move things around.

You can likewise utilize PowerPoint or something comparable on the grounds that it’s anything but difficult to move slides. On the whole, get everybody included so they can give input right off the bat: from your topic specialists to group administrators.

4. Try not to utilize extreme content

Repurposing eLearning content methods you’ll presumably have to do a great deal of reformatting. Rebuild lumps of text as sound or video cuts. A decent strategy is to sum up longer modules into scaled down web based preparing exercises or infographics. They’re extraordinary reference instruments, both for test update, e.g.. in consistence web based instructional classes, and JIT situations.

Try not to dispose of all the content, however. A few students like to peruse the substance. It sinks in better that manner. Additionally, a few people appreciate the composed or composed word for the good of its own.

5. Try not to exaggerate the razzle-amaze

Interactive media components can make internet instructional classes fun. They improve commitment and can be helpful for students with a handicap. All things considered, use them with watchfulness. On the off chance that you go excessively hey tech and extravagant, the ‘gleaming toys’ could bring down your eLearning content. Inadvertently, you may organize diversion and commitment over information move.

Use examination to perceive what amount is ‘to an extreme’. They can show where the center is, allowing you to move it to the regions you need. Additionally, post-section tests will show you how much data students have held.

6. Try not to lose the stream

Move pieces constantly around to give a new vibe to your assets while repurposing eLearning content. A tad of ‘a game of seat juggling’s matched with rebuilt web based preparing materials is a decent strategy. For instance, take a part of 2,000 words and revamp it into a blend of text, video, sound, and static pictures.

In the wake of reworking, survey your eLearning substance to be certain it actually bodes well. Twofold check your internet preparing materials, both as individual sections and according to the remainder of the eLearning course. You would prefer not to lose the cohesiveness or stream of your web based preparing materials. Everything ought to mirror a similar tone, brand picture, and pacing.

7. Try not to discard reference sections

Repackaging your internet instructional class offers the ideal occasion to make an online reference library. It can incorporate how-to guides, definitions, infographics, and JIT modules. Characterize everything as you go, so it’s simple for corporate students to discover precisely what they need.

Watchword search alternatives, interior connecting, and committed indeces are altogether valuable approaches to do this. You don’t need your workers bumbling through your LMS to search for a help instrument when they’re in a deal.

8. Try not to think little of the significance of a dependable composing apparatus

A writing device enables you to change your obsolete preparing assets into intelligent and connecting with eLearning content. Search for the ones that component layouts and inherent illustrations that can additionally improve the plan. For instance, a fast writing apparatus with genuine game or situation layouts that permit you to transform your module into a true movement.

Likewise, remember that every one of your devices need to work pair while repurposing eLearning content. That implies your new creating device should get along with your LMS so there aren’t any designing issues.


At the point when you’re rebuilding existing substance, it’s essential to look for eLearning input from your corporate students. Discover what territories they need to be covered, and which ones are presently unimportant. Continuously give credits and don’t take another substance maker’s thunder.

Audit your current materials, revamp them varying, and build up a course layout. Separate enormous pieces of text, however don’t exaggerate the media blaze and blast. Keep up your course stream and incorporate a reference area toward the finish of the internet instructional class. It should be effectively accessible.

There are times when eLearning experts should begin without any preparation and assemble their eLearning content from the beginning. Repurposing eLearning substance can set aside cash and time, yet just when it’s set effectively. Peruse the article 7 Tips and Tricks For Repurposing eLearning Content to discover how to repurpose eLearning content for current students.